Clubs & Orgs

Sociology and Anthropology Club

A student-lead group, the Sociology and Anthropology Club is open to all students interested in Sociology or Anthropology. In Fall 2020 the group organized and sponsored a speaking event and master class by Candis Cox. Candis is a transgender woman of color who has been a vocal and visible transgender and minority rights advocate both in NC and around the world. She was the face and voice in the fight against HB2, she campaigned for Hillary Clinton and Governor Roy Cooper, has been the subject of many news features and documentaries around the world, and has continued to affect change through politics, social activism, corporate training, and lecturing at universities throughout the US.

The Sociology and Anthropology Club has also organized advising sessions, academic success sessions, fishbowl discussions, interest meetings, and a presentation by two speakers from Warren Wilson College (Dr. Christey Carwile who studies Water Religions in West Africa and the Diaspora, Gender, Power and the Politics of Reproduction, African Aesthetics in Popular Dance, and ethnochoreography; and Dr. Siti Kusujiarti who studies Gender and Development, Southeast Asian Topics, Rural and Environmental Sociology, and Sociology of Disaster).

For more information or to join the club, please contact the Sociology & Anthropology Department (email address to get in touch with the current club organizer.

Honor Society of Sociology and Anthropology UNC Asheville

Each year, juniors and seniors in our department who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement are named to the Honor Society of Sociology and Anthropology. The society is free to join, and the minimum requirements are an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.5 in the major of Sociology or Anthropology. The honor is bestowed at an initial ceremony. Students who join the Honor Society wear a special cord at graduation from UNC Asheville.