Chocolate Tuesdays & Events for Students

Chocolate Tuesdays (and occasional events that happen on Thursdays) are special opportunities for Sociology and Anthropology majors, transfers and current SOC & ANTH students to learn about particular topics and to network within their major.

Topics will vary, but every event features delicious free chocolate.

Upcoming Chocolate Tuesdays

Careers in Sociology & Anthropology
Presented by the UNCA Career Center * ZAG 236
February 19, 2019

Workshop to Prepare for Presenting at the Southern Sociological Society's Annual Conference 
Presented by Dr. Megan Underhill * ZAG 236
March 5, 2019

Boundary End Center: Studying the Ancient Americas in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Presented by the Boundary End Center resident archivist * ZAG 236
March 26, 2019

Social Change Careers
Featuring Panel of Presenters * ZAG 236
April 9, 2019

Past Chocolate Tuesdays

Information session on Applying to Grad Schools & Academic Conferences (Fall 2018)

Bystander Intervention Training

Information Session on Law School for Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology majors

Medical Anthropologist Bayla Ostrach Ph.D "Health Policy in a Time of Crisis: Ethnography of Austerity and Abortion"

Grad School Info Session

Advising sessions for SOC & ANTH Majors

Department Open House (Fall 2016)

Bystander Intervention Training (BARK)

Career Panel for SOC & ANTH Majors

Career Center presentation on jobs for Sociology and Anthropology majors

Conversation with UNCA Chancellor Mary K. Grant

Meet the Faculty: Sociology & Anthropology

Give Us Your Feedback

Need some specific career or graduate school information? Got an idea for a topic you’d like to share or know more about?  Let us know by using this anonymous form, and we will consider organizing a Chocolate Tuesday to address it.