Chocolate Tuesdays & Events for Students

Chocolate Tuesdays (and occasional events that happen on Thursdays) are special opportunities for Sociology and Anthropology majors, transfers and current SOC & ANTH students to learn about particular topics and to network within their major.

Topics will vary, but every event features delicious free chocolate.

Upcoming Chocolate Tuesdays

To Be Scheduled for Spring 2019

Past Chocolate Tuesdays

Information session on Applying to Grad Schools & Academic Conferences (Fall 2018)

Bystander Intervention Training

Information Session on Law School for Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology majors

Medical Anthropologist Bayla Ostrach Ph.D "Health Policy in a Time of Crisis: Ethnography of Austerity and Abortion"

Grad School Info Session

Advising sessions for SOC & ANTH Majors

Department Open House (Fall 2016)

Bystander Intervention Training (BARK)

Career Panel for SOC & ANTH Majors

Career Center presentation on jobs for Sociology and Anthropology majors

Conversation with UNCA Chancellor Mary K. Grant

Meet the Faculty: Sociology & Anthropology

Give Us Your Feedback

Need some specific career or graduate school information? Got an idea for a topic you’d like to share or know more about?  Let us know by using this anonymous form, and we will consider organizing a Chocolate Tuesday to address it.